What is the best gutter to use for your house?

The best gutter for your home is the one that pushes water away from your foundation easily and rapidly and protects siding. But the rest is all cost and aesthetics. Most of the time, gutters gather leaves and dust in silence. And they spring into action at the first drop of rain, gathering the sheet of water from the shingles, sending it down a fast horizontal path, down a drainpipe, and far away from your home. Just saved your foundation and siding with these simple devices.

There are two main types of gutters:

Sectional (or seamed) and seamless. Other designations for shapes, materials, and colors exist within each category.

Sectional gutters are available in 10-foot long pieces that fit with hangers on the fascia board of your home. They attach either by overlapping them or by snapping with joiner pieces together. A do-it-yourselfer can build sectional gutters on a modest-sized house (around 1,300 square feet) for a weekend, with the aid of a sturdy ladder and an assistant. At home improvement stores you can find sectional gutters and peripherals (corners, downspouts, gutter guards, etc.) in the rack. Vinyl and metal (galvanized steel or aluminum) available. Vinyl gutters are heavy and cannot be sprayed, but offer the benefit of being rusting, fading, or corroding resistant. Metal gutters are lightweight, particularly aluminum gutters. Copper gutters tend to be a special order item and cost significantly more than both metal and vinyl. A portion of a 10-foot half-round copper gutter maybe ten to twenty times more costly than vinyl or metal. Hangers attach special metal spikes to the fascia board.

DIYers are best sectional gutters and are the most economical alternative. It can be removed and repaired if one segment fails, without damaging the rest of the gutter network.

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