Wyckoff House Museum

The Wyckoff House Museum

Explore the Oldest Structure in New York City ― the Wyckoff House Museum

The Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House, situated in the Milton Fidler Park in the Flatbush location of Brooklyn, is the earliest surviving example of a Dutch saltbox frame house in America and was one of the very first structures ever constructed by Europeans on Long Island. The house, developed around 1652, became the City’s first landmark in 1965.

The life of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff is an American success story. In 1637, he got here in America, an illiterate indentured servant. He ultimately came to be a magistrate, and also the most affluent person of New Amersfoort, which later on ended up being the town of Flatlands. Wyckoff’s descendants resided in the house until 1901. The Wyckoff House Foundation bought back the house in 1961 and donated it to the City in 1969.

While numerous houses are enthusiastically proclaimed to be among the oldest in Brooklyn, the honor goes to a modest farmhouse in East Flatbush that is taken into consideration to be the oldest structure in New York City. It’s impressive that any part of the original structure, even a tiny piece, remains as the Wyckoff House wasn’t proclaimed a National Historic Landmark until 1967. That original structure was built on land bought from the local Lenape individuals in roughly 1636 by Wouter van Twiller.

The Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House, currently referred to as the Wyckoff House Museum, has been enlarged, modified, and restored over the decades, however, its simple start as a little one-room framework from the 17th century can still be spotted. Most of what visitors currently see when visiting the site were added in the 19th century. Only a small section of the house remains from the original 1652 structure. Today, the house is owned by the city of New York however is operated by a nonprofit organization. The museum hosts public events throughout the year, consisting of seasonal and also Dutch-themed festivals.

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