New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium

See a Giant Pacific Octopus, Sea Lions and More in New York Aquarium

Situated in Brooklyn, New York City, in the borough’s Coney Island neighborhood, the New York Aquarium is America’s oldest continually operating aquarium. The New York Aquarium originally opened up in December of 1896 in Battery Park’s historic Castle Garden fort, becoming part of the New York Zoological Society in 1902. Today, the aquarium becomes part of the city’s Wildlife Conservation Society network, which also handles the Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Queens Zoo, as well as Prospect Park Zoo. The 14-acre center is home to 266 aquatic species across several exhibits, in addition to a 4D theater, which offers family-friendly double-feature films with built-in sensory effects. Animal feedings are scheduled throughout the day for sharks, penguins, and also sea otters. The Aquarium provides an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

The New York Aquarium stays a must-see location on Coney Island’s well-known boardwalk. The newest, award-winning exhibit—Ocean Wonders: Sharks!—holds greater than 500,000 gallons of water, as well as consists of interactive and immersive exhibits that place you 9 inches far from 18 species of sharks and also a hundred various other marine species. Highlighting the amazing wildlife straight off their New York shores, this year-round attraction is committed to showing us all regarding the world of sharks, the vital function they play, and the threats they deal with. Check Out the Touch Tank exhibits for a hands-on experience.

Take a stroll to the Aquatheater for marine mammal demonstrations, it showcases the aquarium’s sea lion population in performances with trainers and audience participants. Inside Conservation Hall, visitors can experience aquatic life from the perspective of a deep-sea diver, watching cow nose rays as well as green moray eels at the Glover’s Reef display. A Sharks, Rays and Turtles exhibit highlights sand tiger sharks, and a Sea Cliffs exhibit, reopening in 2018, is home to black-footed penguins, harbor seals, Pacific walruses, and sea otters.

Though it’s likely the only aquatic wildlife you’ll see at Coney Island is seagulls eager to scoop up whatever boardwalk snack scraps you leave behind, those interested by the ocean can immerse themselves in aquaculture at the New York Aquarium. A sea lion pool, penguin habitat, recreated reef, shark exploration, and even more are the existing exhibits starring live sea creatures and also sometimes their handlers that offer an up-close-and-personal lookout at both Atlantic and also Pacific Ocean life at the oldest continually operating aquarium in the country. Mermaids, often connected with Coney Island, are not on display, yet those tempted by the appeal of imaginary marine life might take pleasure in the 4-D (that’s 3-D plus water) SpongeBob experience. With a committed goal of preserving the oceans and oceanic life, the place will certainly leave you with an enhanced and renewed passion for natural preservation.

Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy the opportunity to check, inspect, and interact with aquatic animals closeup at the New York Aquarium. Whether you’re watching sea life at the underwater viewing locations or touching horseshoe crabs, the New York Aquarium offers site visitors a much better understanding of the animals that make their homes in the water around the world.

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