Does homeowners insurance cover a leaking roof or a roofing repair cost?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof leaks and other damages to your roof, as long as your policy does not specifically exclude the cause of the damage. But it is important to remember that if a leak happens due to a lack of maintenance, you may have to pay yourself for the repairs. Also, be sure to consider the deductibles of your home insurance policy to determine whether it makes the best financial sense to file a claim.

Most of the roof leaks are covered by insurance policies for homeowners. However, the original cause of the leak will depend on whether the homeowner’s insurance provider will compensate you for fixing a roof leak — and any resulting damage to your property. The declaration page of your home insurance policy will clarify which perils under your current policy are protected or excluded.

Most Homeowner’s Insurance Plans

Most homeowner’s insurance plans cover a list of “open perils.” As a general rule, open hazards include any harm that occurs from a sudden and unexpected occurrence, unless the homeowner’s insurance policy expressly excludes the cause of the harm. Your insurance provider, on the other hand, will reject all claims made for incremental wear and tear, or your lack of maintenance. For example, if a storm knocks down a tree and puts a hole in your roof, it will cover up the repairs.

owever, if years of weather have worn down your shingles and springs a leak in your roof, you may have to take care of the damage yourself. As always, to decide if you are insured you can check with your insurance provider. Determining which leaks will or will not be protected isn’t always easy.

Some perils are usually exempt from home insurance plans, such as floods. Other hazards may be exempt or may be subject to lower limits depending on the risks in your field. If you wish coverage for one of these hazards, you can usually add additional coverage in the form of an optional endorsement to your policy.

Several home insurance companies offer a network of approved and qualified contractors to policyholders, and working with them could save you money. Typically, the contractors won’t charge for an estimate, and insurers usually provide a work warranty completed by an approved contractor.

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