Bushwick Collective

The Bushwick Collective

Discover Amazing Street Art at the Bushwick Collective

Have you ever spent a day in a major city on a wild goose chase searching for one artists’ work? If not, you’re missing out! Go to Brooklyn and spend a day exploring the streets of Bushwick. You’ll discover countless art in this open-air gallery which will make you feel amazed!

Developed as well as curated by Bushwick native Joe Ficalora, this world-famous Bushwick Collective has developed into a phenomenal open-air gallery since its first mural emerged in 2011. Joe Ficalora decided that the very best means he can recover after the terrible murder of his father back in 1991 was to begin a transformative Graffiti and Street Art project. He contacted artists from numerous countries, asking them to contribute their talents to the canvases that are the industrial and residential buildings of Bushwick.

The Bushwick Collective lies in Bushwick Brooklyn, simply off of Flushing Avenue. Conveniently accessible by the L train. Drawing in a fascinating range of local, national, and international artists that have traveled across the globe to display their artwork on the walls of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It showcases first-rate street art from legendary Blek Le Rat stencils to huge collaborative walls by such world-renowned artists as Case Ma’Claim and Pixel Pancho. You can additionally find out about several of the local artists such as Cost, Revs, Enx, Mast, Never, Nekst, 4 Burners plus many more! This is a living, breathing art collective. It sprawls throughout the neighborhood in Brooklyn, to make sure that you have to go back over and over, and you never absolutely see it all. There are always new pieces, pieces being changed or covered up, or replaced.

It’s hipster heaven in Bushwick, so when you complete your tour, make sure to stay as well as take a look at several local hot spots. We recommend doing some vintage shopping at Vice Versa and afterward going to dinner at the well-known Roberta’s pizza or a local favorite NorthEast Kingdom where they serve a contemporary American menu highlighting the seasonality of the NorthEast.

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